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The Statler Stitcher is a computer software programme combined with hardware which will operate a longarm quilting machine and can stitch almost any design. A gammill machine equipped with such software can handle an intricately patterned king-size quilt in a matter of hours (for an allover quilting design) instead of days, and is guided by the computer instead of by hand.

The software package, creative studio, can determine pattern size, block size, stitches per inch, repetitions of the pattern and the offset of the pattern so that any design fits perfectly on any size quilt with all aspects of the pattern in proportion.

machine quilted quilt fancy heart
machine quilted quilt pattern

The above photo shows 4 blocks from a quilt comprising 25 blocks. Each block is a 10” square. The plain blocks have a design quilted on them which has been adjusted to fit the block perfectly. The appliquéd blocks have been cross-hatched in a 2” grid.

machine quilted quilt tan

The strippy quilt above has a feather cable border and feather cables quilted on each stripe.

machine quilted quilt

The quilt above has a meandering feather design which has been adjusted to fit the quilt size.

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